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After school in Aberdeen (that's the one in Scotland, not the one in Hong Kong), I went on to take an MA in Maths and Physics at Aberdeen, and subsequently a DPhil in the Mathematical Physics group at Oxford. Encouraged by the prospect of imminent starvation, I became a lowly Lecturer (Grade II) in the Mathematics Department of Coventry (Lanchester) Polytechnic, and now, more years later than I care to ruminate on, I'm still in the same place, except that it's become the Department of Mathematics and Physics in Coventry University, and I'm a Reader in Mathematical Physics associated with the Applied Mathematics Research Centre.


If you want to make a comment on my home-page, or reach for me for any other reason, you can e-mail me.

Robert Low, Mathematics and Physics, Coventry University
Tel (+44) 24-77658582

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