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I am a Professor and founding member of the Applied Mathematics Research Centre (AMRC). I obtained a Ph.D. from the Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz, Austria in 1993 and, after posts in the University of Liverpool and Trinity College Dublin, settled in Warwickshire where I established one of the UK’s strongest statistical physics groups as part of the AMRC at coventry University. My work is mostly on phase transitions and critical phenomena but I also have interests in applications of statistical physics to sociology and the humanities. I have been a visiting scientist at statistical physics groups in the Universität Leipzig (Germany), Université de Lorraine (France) and the Institute of Condensed Matter Physics in Lviv (Ukraine). Together, these three and the AMRC now form the L4 Collaboration which hosts the International Doctoral College for the Statistical Physics of Complex Systems. I am a co-founder and Co-Director of L4.

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Recent highlights and latest news
March 2018 Our paper Complex systems: physics beyond physics is featured in the EPJ's Statistical Physics Special Collection 2018. ``This special collection of articles highlights just some of the tremendous work being produced by our authors".
December 2017 For the second year running, selected as one of the Innovators and trailblazers" in the Irish Post (9 December edition).
July 2017 The Journal of Physics runs an interview with us (Kenna and Berche)" about our recent paper on percolation theory. The interview article is called Percolation: Where physics and mathematics meet for coffee".
July 2017 Three years after publication, our EPL paper has been downloaded 22,156 times. It is by far the most downloaded paper in the history of Europe's flagship physics journal.
May 2017 Our paper on Ossian in Advances in complex Systems is number 2 on the list of most read of 2016. The journal has kindly made it free to download from here.
February 2017 Article in Westmeath Independent at the Institute of Physics.
December 2016 RK is selected as one of the "trailblazers, creators, groundbreakers and trendsetters" of "The Irish in Britain 2016" by "In Business" magazine, a supplement of the Irish Post (3 December edition). ``A trusted brand for over four decades in Britain, the Irish Post now reaches a global audience through its weekly newspaper; website and social media channels.''
November 2016 Our paper is selected for Publishers Pick at the Institute of Physics.
October 2016 Our book, Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives, is published by Springer.
September 2016 RK delivers three lectures in the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow
July 2016 Reaction to our article in last month's Physics World
June 2016 Physics World commissioned us to help write an article on Math Meets Myths. The article has just been published as Physics World Volume 29, Number 6 (June 2016) pp. 22-27. It is also availabe here. Physics World is the monthly magazine of the Institute of Physics and has 110,000 readers. Our article actually features on the front page.
May 2016 I was invited to participate at the Long Program "Culture Analytics" of the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA. (The invitation was for the full 14-week program but I participated as Speaker in the week-long workshop entitled, "Mathematical Analysis of Cultural Expressive Forms: Text Data.")
May 2016 Our book is nearing completion
March 2016 Our paper Partition function zeros for the Ising model on complete graphs and on annealed scale-free networks is selected for IOP's ``Publisher PICK''. Our interview is available here. Our paper will also feature on the front cover of J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. Volume 49, Issue 13.
November 2015 Full-page article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about our work
September 2015 Two papers (85 and 86) accepted on the same day for EPL.
August 2015 Three years after publication, our EPL paper tops the list of the ``most downloaded'' over the past 30 days. It has now 15,000 downloads.
June 2015 Invitation to join as Review Editor the Editorial Board of Interdisciplinary Physics, a new specialty of Frontiers in Physics.
May 2015 Annual HEFCE funding allocations for 2015-16 based on REF2014 are out. The AMRC submission generated £186,652 in QR funding plus £42,128 in RDP supervision funding. We came 12th nationally (out of 53 submissions) in terms of proportions of 3* and 4* research outputs generated.
April 2015 NUI Galway hold Networks Workshop: Applying Network Science to Humanities Resources centred around our work on Thursday 23 April from 10.30am to 4pm.
April 2015 Ours is the first paper to be downloaded over 14,000 times from the EPL website.
February 2015 The European Physical Society blogs about our mythology papers and video.
January 2015 On 05 January 2015, my papers hold the top two spots in the most read (most downloaded) ranks of EPL, Europe's flaghip physics journal.
December 2014 Maths Meets Myths Video made by the amazing Huw Bowen, CU's REF Creative Multimedia Officer (see above).
November 2014 Article in Times Higher Education about our work.
September 2014 Maths Meets Myths - European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop held at AMRC.
August 2014 Birthday celebrations in CMP.
July 2014 Article about our work in The Verge magazine.
May 2014 We are invited to contribute to The Institute of Impossibility, a production from LAS Theatre.
April 2014 Ours is the first paper to be downloaded over 10,000 times from the EPL website.
April 2014 MECO39 is held in Coventry.
December 2013/
January 2014
Article on our work in Significance Magazine (featured on the front page of the 10th-anniversary edition in the International Year of Statistics).
July 2013 Report on our paper in Times Higher Education.
April 2013 With 6,626 downloads to date, our paper is the most downloaded paper from the EPL website since records began.
March 2013 Our paper on mythology is selected for EPLs Highlights of 2012.
January 2013 Our mythology paper has been selected to be included in the EPL Highlights of 2012.
September 2012 The New York Times invited (and paid!) us to write about our work. See "The Social Networks of Myths", NYT (8 Sept. 2012) Sunday Review, page 4.
August 2012 Interview on BBC Radio 4 - see "BBC Radio 4 ". Ours is the second interview - starting about 13 minutes into the programme.
July 2012 Our paper prompts a press release by the Institute of Physics, our paper "Universal properties of mythological networks" and is selected for "Editors Choice".

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